As a part of the attached copy of A. W. Graham's "Diary", there is a 1959 letter written by his nephew, the Hon. Daniel Lang, to Mr. W. A. Deacon of the Globe and Mail. In this Mr. Lang communicates A. W. Graham's observation that Louis Riel did NOT fly the Union Jack above Fort Garry, as claimed by Prime Minister Laurier and thence, by Peter Newman, in the latter's "Flame of Power." Laurier, of course, had obvious political reasons for his contention that Riel was a "patriotic Canadian"; Peter Newman's reason for passing on such a story is less clear. But such is "history": it is Louis Riel's statue that graces our public space. Thomas Scott barely makes it into a trivia question. Really, writing 'history' is like making sausages, a process not for the faint of heart.