I'll tell you a tale that is true, I have no need of lies,
About a lonely woman and her Easter surprise.

The Easter Bunny came to her while she was young and gay,
When she stopped believing, he quietly went away.

Now she was grown and lived alone and sadly alone was she,
She wished for arms around her to love her tenderly.

On Easter morn she did awake to softly, uttered cries,
Nibbling lips were on her breasts, pressure on her thighs.

Her eyes and mouth she opened wide but not a word she spoke,
A bucking pelvis plundered her with sure and steady stroke.

She arched her back and moaned, he gasped her name,
Then, with a final thrust, the Easter Bunny came.

Believe this tale I told you, have faith in what I said,
And you may find, to your surprise, an animal in bed.

(Sandy Grunow, 1995)